The conference is organized by Organic Services GmbH in cooperation with the Organic Federation of Ukraine and the local partner ETO (Ecological Agriculture Organization Association) from Turkey.


Organic Services, Germany - Mr. G. Hermann

„Organic should and must be the prevailing system of agriculture globally and in the near future. If not, we are not acting responsibly.“

Gerald A. Herrmann, Director, Organic Services GmbH

Organic Services GmbH

Landsbergerstr. 527
81241 München

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Organic Services, Germany

"Organic Services" is an international consultancy dedicated to support the development of the organic sector.  It is based in Munich, Germany and can rely on a global network of cooperation partners with offices in India, the US and Brazil.

Organic Services has successfully organized the three previous conferences as well as a number of other high ranking international conferences like the India Organic Congress (Bangalore, India 2006) Natural Cosmetic Congress and SusCon, the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption, the 1st IFOAM International Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values, and the BioFach Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, annually since 2006. 

Atila Ertem, President ETO Association

„With its geographic position Turkey is the perfect trade and business location linking the markets of Central Asia and Eastern Europe as well as to the European Union and other international markets. Turkey has a long history of organic agriculture and exporting of organic.“

Atila Ertem, President, ETO Association

ETO Association

Mansuroğlu mah. 288/6

sk. No:2/1 Da:8 Bayraklı

+90 232 464 89 74



The Association on Organic Agriculture Organisation (ETO) was founded in 1992 in Izmir/Turkey by farmers, consumers, processors, traders, inspectors, researchers and technical staff as the umbrella organization to promote rapid and healthy development of organic agriculture in Turkey. Today, ETO has 230 members organized in ETO’s four branch offices in Turkey.

ETO is organizing short courses for agriculture engineers since 1996 and has organized many seminars, panel discussions, four national symposia on organic agriculture in 1999, 2001, 2006 and 2010. The association participated in fairs, prepared training material and coordinated or took part in national or international projects on adoption of organic agriculture especially in sensitive areas. ETO also organized the 3. Mediterranean Conference on Organic Agriculture in 1992. 

Dr. Eugene Milovanov, President, Organic Federation of Ukraine

„Organic production and trade in the target region will only have a future if consumers trust it and the sector manages to maintain and improve the integrity of organic. Training and education in quality issues are as crucial as anti fraud initiatives are.“

Dr. Eugene Milovanov, President, Organic Federation of Ukraine

Organic Federation of Ukraine
Hospitalna St. 12, Office 412

Kyiv 01001

+380 (44) 234 00 54 


Organic Federation of Ukraine

Organic Federation of Ukraine was founded in 2005 as Ukrainian organic umbrella organization. It unites more than 200 members: farmers, processors, traders, consumers, schools and service providers specializing in organic. Organic Federation of Ukraine has established a broad communication network, regularly distributing its “ORGANIC UA” Magazine and communicating with important multipliers within Ukraine and other neighbouring countries.

Organic Federation of Ukraine has organised many seminars, trainings, round tables, conferences and tastings. Since 2009 it organise All-Ukrainian Organic Market-Fairs in different cities of Ukraine. OFU prints training material, books and coordinated in the projects on adoption of organic agriculture.
Organic Federation of Ukraine successfully co-organised with Organic Services GmbH and local partners the three previous conferences..

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