Aim and background

The event is the 4th of a series of conferences focussing on the organic sector development in Central/Eastern, Central Asian and neighbouring countries. The conference is meant as a place to network, to meet new partners and trade contacts in a region not easy to access. It presents an excellent opportunity to learn about recent developments, to promote companies activities and to increase recognition. It is an ideal meeting point for all important stakeholders active in the organic sector in the targeted region. It offers the opportunity to learn from each other by reaching out to the leading personalities of the organic sector internationally and in the region.

In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus agriculture plays an important role. Most of the inhabitants live in rural areas.  Huge farms contrast with small scale subsistence farming. Some of the best soils worldwide are located in the region, but also areas of heavily degraded agricultural land. The countries have to cope with effects of intensive use of agrochemicals, soil salinity, desertification and water scarcity. 

It is organic agriculture that offers the most sustainable solution for developing the agricultural sector and provides food security with least negative impacts on the environment. Organic farming offers solutions for sound rural development. It provides healthy food, maintains and creates jobs. High quality organic foods are market openers for both national and international markets. This is especially viable for rural areas disadvantaged by policy, technology and globalisation. 

Who should attend?

International stakeholders in particular from Central and Eastern European, and Asian countries:

  • Multipliers like environmental and rural development NGOs, university members, regional and national government officials, farmers’ and consumers associations 
  • Organic experts like certifiers, consultants, market experts
  • (Organic) farmers, processors and traders
  • Other parties with interest in the topics of the conference

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